Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation participated in Brain Mapping event at Australian Parliament


Top US-Australian Scientists Start a Brain Mapping Initiative Aiming at Breaking New Ground in Innovation, Translation, and Commercialization of Neuro-technology

NEW YORK - Oct. 21, 2015 - PRLog -- United States scientific delegates landed in Sydney last week in order to join their Australian counter parts and speak at the Parliament of Australia in Canberra about recent advances in brain mapping and therapeutics in order to jump start the USA-Australian brain mapping initiative. This event was organized by the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), National Center for NanoBioElectronic (NCNBE), Brain Mapping Foundation and Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation (BHCF).

SBMT held its first Brain Mapping Day at the Australian Parliament on October 12th, 2015. The program included ten speakers.

The United States delegation was led by Babak Kateb, M.D., Founding Chairman of the board of SBMT, and included: Drs. Aaron Filler, 13th President of SBMT, Mark Liker, Uttam Sinha and Babak Kateb. Klara Doert and Katarina Novakova, who represented Brian Mehling, M.D., Chairman of the Board BHCF, were also in attendance.

The Australian Delegation was led by Dr. Kuldip Sidhu (Past President of SBMT and President of SBMT-Australia),and included Drs.: Jeff Rosenfeld, Dimity Dornan, Matthew Kiernan, Kuldip Sidhu.

Former Member of the Parliament of Queensland, Member of the Board of Directors of World Brain Mapping Foundation-Australian Division, Ms. Freya Ostapovitch, was moderating the event with Drs. Kateb and Sidhu. The Honorable Wyatt Roy, Assistant Innovation Minister of Australia, opened the Brain Mapping Day as a keynote speaker.

“I welcome Brain Mapping Day’s strong emphasis on international collaboration to drive neuroscience research and innovation,” said the Hon. Wyatt Roy, Assistant Innovation Minister of Australia. “Australia is proud to be part of such an initiative to accelerate the development and application of innovative brain mapping technologies that will enable researchers to discover new ways to treat, cure, and prevent brain disorders; to all those behind this work, I want to thank you – in particular, the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics, Brain Mapping Foundation, Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation, and National Center for NanoBioElectronics,” he added.  

Brian Mehling, M.D., who joined the conference via call from the USA, said, “Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation is delighted to be part of this historic event and support the USA-Australia Partnership on the SBMT’s G20+ World Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. We are committed to advancing cellular and regenerative therapies globally and are excited to collaborate with so many outstanding doctors and scientists."

“We are delighted to partner with SBMT on this initiative in Australia and build a strong strategic bridge between the USA and Australia on Brain Mapping and Therapeutics,” said Dr. Dimity Dornan, AO, Associate Professor UQ and the Founder and Executive Director of Hear and Say, Australia. SBMT is also holding its annual meeting on April 8-10th 2016 at the Miami Convention Center. The Society is currently accepting papers and abstracts and will be soon announcing its fellowship applications.

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